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Do people like you?

Have you noticed how often you’ve chosen a supplier based on the fact that you like the owner or salesman? The bottom line is that from the smallest transactions through to the largest, people buy from people.

I see this all the time with my clients when they are looking to hire someone, we will have two people quote for a job and if they are both equally qualified or provide the same product or service, the client ends up choosing the ‘person’ they like the most, even though their price may be higher. Also, I’ve often spoken to customers about why they chose to work with me over other Marketing Consultants and they say it was not only my experience, but moreover my passion and sheer enthusiasm for what I do that they found both infectious and motivating.

Therefore, being ‘likable’ is important to growing your business; it allows others to connect with you. Here are some things you can do to help you to be more likable and create rapport:

  • Look professional in your appearance
  • Speak clearly during meetings and show how much you care about what they are telling you
  • Be polite at all times and pay attention to the person you are talking to, even if you are at a busy networking event. Make sure you maintain eye contact at all times and don’t make them feel like you don’t want to be talking to them, even if there is someone across the room who you also need to talk to.
  • Ask them about themselves, show interest in not only their business but also perhaps their family/hobbies
  • Make sure you smile often
  • Don’t check your email or answer your phone during a meeting, even if it’s ‘really important’. Short of your partner going into labour, a business call will simply make the person you are meeting with feel less important – give them your full, undivided attention
  • Never interrupt when someone else is speaking
  • Be careful using humour or sarcasm, there’s a fine line between being funny and being rude
  • Watch your language
  • Find ways to compliment the other person or their business
  • Make sure you follow up on the meeting within two days
  • Have a positive attitude about life, it will make people want to be around you
  • Be able to make small talk, if you find it hard to do this, pre-prepare some topics in the news or that you think they might find of interest bearing in mind their industry

So start working on increasing your likability factor and you will connect with more people and increase your bottom line as a result.

By Natalie Page

Marketing Consultant & Expert Speaker

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