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Gain More Business Contacts – The Key to Networking Part 2

For next few weeks we will tell you how to find, prepare for and be successful at networking events and how to secure the deal of exchanging contacts. Last week we discussed how to find a networking event that would interest you, remember that you may have to pay for some of them, but they are worth it. Click here for last weeks blog post Gain More Contacts – The Key to Networking Part 1

This week we will discuss how to prepare for the event, by simply following these easy steps:

  1. Register for the event – most of the events, even if free, require you prior to attending to register
  2. Look at who else is attending – in some cases a list of attendees will be available, this gives you a chance to find out more about others before the event and possibly help you decide which people you would find most helpful as a contact.
  3. Think about what you want to achieve – think about why you are going to the event, are you trying to promote your business? Exchange expertise? Find clients?
  4. Prepare what you are going to wear – remember this will be a business networking event and you are there to promote your business. As a rule we recommend to wear clothes that represent your business, if you’re an accountant wear a suit, if you’re a builder maybe a branded polo t-shirt, if you don’t have branded clothes, try to simply look smart and professional.
  5. Prepare your elevator pitch – think of it as if you’re stepping into an elevator with someone who you are trying to impress and you only have the time that it takes to get from the ground floor to the highest floor, what would you say? How would you introduce yourself? Explain what you do? It’s always good to have a pitch prepared as it gives you the confidence that you are well prepared.
  6. Prepare your Business cards – make sure you have business cards with you with up to date contact information so the new contacts you meet can reach you after the event. Make sure you also have enough cards to give out, it’s embarrassing to write your number on a napkin.
  7. Up to date website – make sure that your website is up to date with the correct information, there is nothing worse than an unfinished or very old, dated website. You want your new contacts to be impressed by you and your business, so it’s important that your marketing channels are excellent. If you need more help with your website and other sites, contact us at [email protected]
  8. Prepare a handout – you may want to prepare a handout presenting your products, services and pricing, this will be something your new contacts can look at after the event.

We hope you find this check list useful. Remember that different events may require you to prepare differently for them, but this check list can be a starting point for you.

Next time ‘What to Do When You Arrive at The Event!’

Have a great week,

Natalie Page

Marketing Consultant & Expert Speaker

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