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Gain More Business Contacts – The Key to Networking Part 3

Last time we discussed how to prepare for the event, what to wear and what to research prior to the event etc. Check out our last blog on how to prepare for the event itself.

So the day has arrived, now the question is how to behave at the event? Do not fear, we have a few simple tips for you to follow:

  1. First of all speak to the organiser. You will need to register to receive your name badge or welcome pack.
  2. Ask about others you want to speak to. The people who organise the event will know who has arrived and who hasn’t, and will be able to point you to the right people.
  3. Be aware of the timings of the event. It may be that there is a seminar included in the event, dinner or another attraction which may shorten your networking time.
  4. Don’t rush off home straight away. Many other attendees may stay after the event to continue the networking, this gives you the chance to talk to those who you hadn’t had a chance to talk to earlier, finish previous conservations, or simply just exchange details with someone you met.

Unfortunately we cannot guide you through your conservations, however, we have prepared a few Do’s and Don’t’s:


  • Show interest in other people- Remember that you are there to make a good impression of yourself, no one will be interested in exchanging contact details with someone who looks bored.
  • Move around the room – You want to meet as many people as you can, therefore you need to make sure you do not spend most of the time with just one person. If you are in the position where you don’t feel like you can just walk away, try inviting another person into your conversation. After a while you will hopefully have an opportunity to leave the group and talk to others.
  • Smile!  –  No one likes to interact with grumpy people.
  • Work on your body language – Do not cross your arms, make sure you relax your shoulders and keep your head high. Nod when listening to someone and make sure to always have eye contact with the person you are speaking to.
  • Relax and enjoy and have fun with it! – As much as you attend those events to gain business contacts you are allowed to have fun. Jokes are welcomed as long as they are appropriate!


  • Don’t try to sell – Your main priority should be meeting people, not pushing your products/services down their throat. If they’re interested they will ask for further details.
  • Don’t show that you’re bored – Even if someone does something for a living that you are not interest in, don’t show it! You never know who they know, and they might recommend you even if they don’t need your services.
  • Don’t be pushy – There is no need to give everyone you meet your business card, especially to those who don’t seem to be interested.
  • Don’t be selfish! – If you know someone that can be helpful to the person you’re talking to, hook them up! They will remember that you helped them out and they might return the favour.

We hope this information will help you to prepare for your upcoming events! Let us know on twitter @pagemarketing if you found this blog useful.

Next time we will write about how to follow on with those who you exchanged contact details with.

Have a great week!

Natalie Page
Marketing Consultant & Expert Speaker

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