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When the Going Gets Tough – the Tough Get Going

Many business owners I’m meeting at the moment are being very open with me about the fact that they are struggling. We’ve seen the headlines of big retailers closing stores, but smaller SME’s are also finding the current climate tough. Is it due to the uncertainty surrounding Brexit? Who knows, but many people are finding what is usually a busy time of year, to be anything but.

So what can you do about it? Well the only thing that’s going to help your bottom line is if you take action. So how do you get fighting fit? Well a good place to start is to change your mind-set and go from reactive (hoping customers will suddenly start flooding in all by themselves) to being pro-active.

Here are 3 key ways to get going:

Use Your CRM

People buy from people, so make personal contact with your existing customers to see if there’s anything else they need. You can often boost your bottom line by 20% or more, just by doing this.

You can also hit the phones and send out emails, but sometimes nothing beats actually going out and meeting prospects or even potential referrers for your business.

Get Seen

Offline: It’s time to dust off your business cards and get out and about. Go meet with prospective clients, go to networking events, exhibit at key industry events, or even hold your own event, seminar or webinar. If people don’t know about you or can’t find you, how can they buy from you?

Online: Perhaps you need to increase your visibility on social media (consistency is key), enter an award or get some video’s produced for your website to encourage traffic and improve engagement, trial a Google Adwords campaign. You just need to try some different ways to get your message and your business out there, see which works best, then…well do more of that! Short of time and budget? Try one thing at a time or outsource it to an expert, as they will be able to get you to where you want to be much more quickly and efficiently.

Get a Plan & Get Going!

Planning is crucial, you ALWAYS need to have a strategy before investing in your marketing. But, equally, as the old saying goes “Procrastination is the thief of time.” So don’t spend so much time on this that it stops you from taking action as quickly as possible.

Just take a bit of time to give your marketing some thought and sketch out a plan (always with both your ideal target customer/s and end goal in mind). To help SME’s at this crucial time, we are running a 1-day ‘Strategy for Success’ workshop on the 17th July – this will give you a tangible marketing plan to work to. Sound good? Visit our Events and Training page