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Branding and brand management is our middle name. What does your business look, feel and sound like? Aligning your brand with your values and the expectations of your target market is critical for marketing success. You want your branding agency to build trust, authority, respect, desire and affection in people’s minds, and we know exactly how to make it happen.

Why do you need a brand?
The right branding for your business isn’t important, it’s essential. It helps to define who you are, why you’re special and why someone should use you. This is particularly vital if you are in a competitive marketplace, as it will help to give you an edge and stand out from the crowd.

A brand tells a customer what they can expect from your business, whether you provide a service or products. It also defines how you are different from your competitors.

More than a logo
A basic projection of your brand is your logo, but your brand needs to be much more than this, it needs to extend throughout your business. A customer should be able to feel, see and touch your brand throughout every experience they have with you. It needs to be evident in how you answer the phone through to your packaging, promotional materials and signage. All of these should clearly communicate your brand.

Defining your brand
Working out what you want your brand to say is a great process, because it needs to resonate with your vision/mission for your business and clearly show the benefits/features of using your products or services.

A good way of thinking about it is putting yourself in the shoes of your customer – what would you want your experience to be like?

Once defined and implemented in your business, it will effect and motivate you, your staff and your customers, it will bring you all together and this is very powerful.

Let us help
We can work with you to get under the skin of your business and work out the what, where, when and how of giving you a brand that will enable your business to have a greater impact. Contact us today on 01903 650788 to find out more.

It’s entirely up to you

We’ll tailor what we do to what you need. So you get a joined up, grown-up, fully-integrated and consistent approach to marketing where everything interlinks with and complements everything else.