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Case Study

Added Value
Having met with the Managing Director of Red-Inc, Adam Huttly, we were literally blown away. We’d never met a company with so much passion for what it does and how it gives added value to its customers. Immediately we knew we had to work with them and help the company to realise its full potential.

Through our initial consultations we drilled down into the business and highlighted its unique differentiators and key offerings. We then made recommendations as to the development of the company website and worked alongside the company’s chosen website designer providing copy and direction.

Moving Forward
The new website is now live and we are now working with Red-Inc to implement an on-going marketing strategy which initially includes a combination of online marketing and public relations activities to raise the profile of its brand and grab a larger market share.

Since we started working with the company it has already employed three new members of staff and won a 3 year contract with one of the largest law firms in the South-East, this is one company to watch!

Click here to visit the Red-Inc website

At the time of being introduced to Page marketing, Red-inc was again at full capacity but had existed under the radar going about its day to day job, putting down firm roots and procedures, and carefully moving forward.

We knew it was time to shout about what we were doing, in particular as the brands and companies we had already signed up were very high profile and we felt other could benefit from our offering, but we need expertise and advise.

Instantly on meeting Page Marketing we knew they were the company to help take our brand and reputation forward. Above all they mirrored us as people with their upbeat and enthusiastic personalities. The connection was instant, they were honest and took time to understand us and the company and our expectations of results and outlined a clear and concise budget. At no time did we ever feel second place to some of their larger customers or feel out of touch with the marketing.

We have already seen an increase in activity and brand awareness and I'm confident that Page Marketing will be instrumental in helping us get to the next level.

Adam Huttly, Director - Red-Inc

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