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Email Marketing

Let’s be blunt. If you’re not getting the response you expect from email marketing, you’re doing it wrong. Email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways of communicating with people so that you can drive them steadily down the sales funnel. As an experienced email marketing agency, we know how to make the most of this fantastic medium.

We can:

  • Create an email marketing campaign strategy
  • Design an email marketing template
  • Upload your contacts and manage your data
  • Design emails to be sent to your database on a regular basis
  • Provide you with reports and statistics which show how many people read the email, which links were clicked on and much more, so we can constantly improve what we’re doing…

It’s entirely up to you

We’ll tailor what we do to what you need. So you get a joined up, grown-up, fully-integrated and consistent approach to marketing where everything interlinks with and complements everything else.